Floral Still Life

Floral still life, done well,  possesses some of the most timeless beauty. The key is to recognize that beauty has a price. Not simply the expense of purchasing a great floral painting but the price paid by the artist to […]

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Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting in Fine Art obviously has a vast history but what makes one piece great? Is it the Artist? Or perhaps the area or time that the painting is depicting? Knowing the principles of aesthetics, André can look past […]

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The Stables

Custom painting garage André

The Stables Collection Hand made textures derived from materials surrounding your home. The Stables Collection by André is a selection of hand made textures derived from materials surrounding the natural environment.  This collection introduces a new way of thinking about […]

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Fall Storm Landscape

This moody, dramatic scene was painted Alla Prima, or “all at once” in oil on canvas during an unexpected fall storm near the Arkansas River in Colorado. Trees still green with leaves, cold air settled in with the wind blowing […]

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