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Accurately pricing decorative painting and plaster takes many years of perfection and, even then, design professionals and tradesmen still require disclosures of the unknown. At André, pricing is only approached one way but requires cross referencing from several different angles.

Once the process, including steps, materials and techniques, is flushed out in the creation of the Control Samples during the Retainer Phase, then and only then can they be multiplied to the surface volume of a project and a Contract of fixed costs can be established.

We first is looking at our historical data of similar finishes and an average square foot cost. The second is to break down all materials and estimated labor for the specific project. These two numbers are compared used to define the scope of work and costs. 

Retainer phase

First and foremost, pricing requires an exact understanding of the surfaces and treatments that are to be priced. The first phase is the Retainer phase and requires clients to first commit to an hourly design rate and estimated time for designing the known treatments. During this phase the painting of control samples and the creation of color palettes is done in the creative studio. The process takes time and materials to build custom finishes, sketch layouts and to make small moquettes for murals, patterns and ornamentation. This retainer is typically billed at a rate of $145 per hour. 

Contact & Design Log

When creating colors and concepts during the retainer phase, time for each client interaction and studio painting time are kept in a log. Along with materials needed to create control samples, other miscellaneous items such as shipping costs and design books, all incidentals are tracked and billed. This contact and design log is reviewed, approved and billed on a regular basis so that the client or client representative is kept in contact with the charges associated with creating a custom product.

Average Labor Rates per hour

• Cleanup $25 • General Labor $35 • Painting $50 • Decorative painter $75 •

•Design $145 • Master painter $245 • Education $345 •

Coverage Rates

  • Patina on walls and ceilings 400-600 sq’ per person per 8 hrs
  • Textures 200-400 sq ft per person per 8 hrs
  • Decorative Murals 2-4 sq ft per person per day
  • Ornamentation 6-10 sq ft per day per person
  • Wall patterns 200 sq ft per day depending on layers and complexity
  • Fine Art oil painting 1 sq ft per day per person

Historical data

  • Single color patina $6 per sq’
  • Multi color patinas $12 per sq’
  • Simple Textures $14 per sq’
  • Ornamentation $29 per ln ft
  • Gilding (Oil) $35 per ft
  • Hand painted wall patterns $45 per sq ft
  • Decorative Murals $55 per ft
  • Fine Art oil on linen $2,000 – $11,000 per sq ft

Contract phase

Once exact surfaces, spaces and sequences are known then a contract can be drafted defining the scope of work. This would be for example; Master Bedroom ceiling 20’x20′ to be painted per control sample #1 for $1,000.00, …or Gild 4 legs of French Ottoman per control sample #2 for $800.00. These prices are derived by looking at coverage rates and historical data and computing the surface area, steps and time. Other factors are also taken into consideration such as special equipment needed like scaffolding, travel expenses and/or special artist rates to accomplish unique work. All of this detail and a defined scope of work are then put into a fixed contract with a total cost only to be changed by a conscious effort of both client and André per Change orders, adding or subtracting work.



If while during a project a client or design professional wishes to add or subtract work from a contract, it is simply done through a short, one page change order. An example of this would be if a client wishes to change the color of a space from the signed control sample referenced in the scope of work under the contract. On the change order for this, the work already performed up to the point of change will be assessed and the materials used as well. This cost, plus a new scope and costs, will be written in the order and then approved by both client and André. 

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