The Stables

Custom painting garage André

The Stables Collection Hand made textures derived from materials surrounding your home. The Stables Collection by André is a selection of hand made textures derived from materials surrounding the natural environment.  This collection introduces a new way of thinking about […]

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Contemporary Trompe l’oeil

Painted trompe l'oeil design

The Contemporary Trompe L’oeil Collection by André features the use of monochromatic spacial illusion. Long since Pliny first spoke of painters using illusion  in the Grecian theaters in his work Natural Historia, painters have been applying dimensional tricks to walls in […]

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La Feminine Magie

Feminine design in bath decorative

Hand painted ornament, gilding, patterns with details inspired from historically signifigant women of the world. La Feminine Magie Collection by André celebrates women who dare to design and craft their own spaces.  In times past, women have taken heart to […]

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Agreeing immediately with the client that crafting a room in the spirit of the cave paintings of Lascaux would be timeless, André started designing this space. The initial design was to take the imagery further than the message of the 17,300 year old cave […]

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The Fresco Bath

fresco painting trompe l'oeil Hand painted garden scenes in your home inspired from historical masterpieces from around the world. The Fresco bath Collection by André brings nature and history into your home. It is time to go back to what we know and […]

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Fashion Forward

The Fashion Forward Collection by André enables clients with the ability to craft private spaces with hand painted designs modeled after their favorite fashion houses. Custom colors, proportions and variations of your personal style created by master painters.  “With the […]

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