Repair any blemish

One of the great gifts of being a Master Painter is having the ability to repair any blemish on a variety of surfaces. Often in the design and construction process, things become damaged. Lamps, art frames, furniture, tile, stone, plaster, wood and other objects all share in the danger and more than likely every owner has some piece needing repairs.

Repair and restoration of blemishes for Interior Designers, Architects and Building Contractors

Millwork such as baseboards, doors, cabinets and other fixtures are easy for the painters at André to repair. This is not our reason for being, but we do take pride in being able to fix scratches and dings that will relieve our clients of worry and anxiety. 

With skills such as Faux Bois and Faux Marble a master painter can touch up with a different approach than a carpenter or stone mason. The approach and expert understanding of color and luster allows for a faster, easier, cleaner and less obtrusive way to fix small imperfections. 

Repair scratches in floor boards

"...we do take pride in being able to fix scratches and dings that will relieve our clients of worry and anxiety."

André repairs deep scratch in wood door

Pre-finished installations such as flooring or cabinetry can often have missing elements, and matching factory finishes is out of reach for most tradesmen. Take the example of this oak floor vent. At first glance most people believe it to be a “white washed oak”  but in fact compensating for the natural red color of American oak can be much more complex. 

Factory wood finishes that don't match
Blending colors to match existing floor finish


We like to keep the engagement process for this service simple. The rate is $145 per man hour and we can send out a single Master Decorative Painter or a group of them to meet a tight schedule. A single Master Decorative Painter can touch up 4-5 easy spots or 1 difficult one in 2 hours. Time may vary but it is best to email us at with images and we can provide an hour estimate. Additional material costs do apply and a Per Diem charge is also applied for projects that are more than 25 miles away from our central location in Denver. 

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