The Fresco Bath

Hand painted garden scenes in your home inspired from historical masterpieces from around the world. The Fresco bath Collection by André brings nature and history into your home.

hand painted fresco plaster mural

It is time to go back to what we know and pay more attention to the details around us.  It is time to learn more about our living environment and fill our lives with the richness of historical technique. 

mural bath residential fresco

The Fresco Bath is traditionally made using plastering materials gathered from around your home. Bespoke design empowers you to celebrate the fresco garden murals of 400 BC and still have a modern voice of your very own. The Fresco Bath puts you back in touch with the details that are important in a home. Having a Fresco Bath visually tailored to your values expresses what your personal values are to your visitors. 

fresco plaster paint bath

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