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The Stables Collection

Hand made textures derived from materials surrounding your home.

The Stables Collection by André is a selection of hand made textures derived from materials surrounding the natural environment.  This collection introduces a new way of thinking about where you keep your cars and how you treat the last unfinished space in your home, the stable.

Every horse needs a stable.Extraordinary horses deserve extraordinary stables. Coming home from your ride every day is completed by pulling into a private space that you, your family and your prized collections call home. Turning off the key and shifting from one world to the next requires an effort only understood by few. Each Stable by André is manifested to be one of a kind: Hand crafted from materials surrounding your home that may never be duplicated by others. A truly hand tailored wall treatment within which your collection can find refuge after a hard day of riding. Your home is a sanctuary for all of the creatures that dwell therei 

Grass, sand, clay and other natural elements are cultivated by hand and transformed into textures that are then applied to the walls of a space. Through a delicate hand, subtle nuances are captured in a way that brings humility and authenticity to a space where it may otherwise be under question.

André represents beauty, personalization and craftsmanship producing classical hand painted decoration for the home.