A system for touchup

Clients who are left without being informed of a system of touchup can be stressed not knowing how the process unfolds. Even more so, the future care and touchup of their investments need to be clearly understood in order to avoid any anxiety. 


The Masters’ Touch

When the project is in progress, the goal is to have the team get the treatments to their 90% point. This is the point where the Master Painter overseeing the project steps in and gives input and final strokes. Knowing this can relieve stress to the client only seeing general painters, assistants and students performing the work. 

Once the Master Painter has elevated the work to his or her satisfaction, they then walk the project with fresh eyes performing an internal punch list of items to be adjusted. After this list is completed, the Client is then provided a punch list form to walk the project in their own time to create a list of items and questions. 

Touchup Kits

During the entire process, the André Team documents formulas, sequences and any relevant details related to the project. This data, along with color swatches and wet samples of the materials, are provided to the clients and stored in their homes for future use. 

Decorative plaster touch up kit

A system of touchup for the future

A few weeks or months after project completion, a no-cost round of touchup is performed. Future touchup needs are provided at a discounted hourly rate of $75 per hour. The team at André typically checks in with clients before the holidays to see if there are any details that need to be addressed prior to the arrival of guests and family. 

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