The Root of Techniques

Techniques are complex chains of information that bind actions creating value. Skills are one thing, endless hours of practice, countless repetitions until you are sick of every stroke. After a while you begin to tie individual skills together to form […]

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mural bath residential fresco

The intent of this André Patron was to share a little history with the guests that visit their home. Drawing directly from historical Roman frescoes, the team at André installed this fresco to the clients’ specifications. After working with this […]

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Parlor, French

Decorative painting mural marble ornament

Let’s face it, when you first visit France, it’s comparable to catching a fever that you can never get rid of. At first glance, it’s awe inspiring and then it evolves internally and becomes some part of you that lingers […]

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Amanda the Curator

Working with clients to craft feelings of relevance and belonging in a space that they love is what André is famous for.  There is no better way to be represented in a space then to have a Master Painter design something […]

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Bedroom Sitting Area

Retreating to the bedroom midday to read a book and drink some tea sounds amazing! This bedroom, per the architect, afforded the luxury of a large sitting area. To the patron’s delight, a mural was suggested for the space. During […]

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Billiards Room

This client hosts great parties! He wanted his entertaining space to feel like the back room at the local watering hole, where the billiards table is always in use and the conversation is always a bit too loud. André installed […]

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