Floral Still Life

Floral still life, done well,  possesses some of the most timeless beauty. The key is to recognize that beauty has a price. Not simply the expense of purchasing a great floral painting but the price paid by the artist to actually create such a piece. Flowers can be one of the most difficult and intense subjects for any painter. Close care must be taken with every stroke to be correct in value, hue, and chroma. It’s not enough for a painter to be good at painting in order to tackle such a complex task; they must be disciplined to keep their colors pure while constantly cleaning brushes and their palette. A tendency to attempt to fix values and color by blending can only lead to disaster, resulting in muddy looking pedals or murky looking leaves. Even the eyes of an untrained viewer can appreciate the time and effort that goes into a great floral painting; it can be felt. The values of such dedication can be cherished and proselytized in our society by displaying a great work of art on one’s wall for everyone to see. 

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