Hand Painted Sienna Marble

Hand painted marble can be applied in architecture to most any surface for various reasons. A project’s budget can be refined by implementing hand painted marble where possible. Having a craftsman paint Faux Marble avoids quarrying, shipping and handling costs of such a heavy product. That same craftsman can also make an exact match to the color of adjacent marble if need be, optimal when the rarity of a particular species may be in play. Structural limitations can also contribute to the wise choice of painting marble in architecture, on furniture tops or on pedestals. Weight load limitations and intricacies of architectural decoration can be surmounted with a painted surface as an alternative. Overall installation time can be more swift with hand painted mimicry such as this and more importantly, the choice to hand paint marble surfaces can assist in limiting the overall ecological impact of any construction project.

Order a hand painted control sample for your reference


Hand painted marble can be applied to metal, glass, stone, drywall, particle board, wood and many other surfaces. Preparation of the substrate must be at a level V, flawlessly smooth finish for best results. The craftsmen at André can provide this surface preparation if needed. Base color specifications are typically made per each specific marble type. Final surface durability can be met by architectural surface specification or by simply letting the craftsman know what the intended use is. Cost can vary depending on project scope but hand painted marble typically ranges from $35-$65 per square foot.