Gilt & Waxed Architectural Onlays

Architectural Onlays can be applied to any surface and any form of gilding technique can be applied. This in particular is a Dutch metal leaf that has simply been waxed for warmth and depth.


Order a hand gilded control sample for your reference

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Pricing for Gilt & Waxed Architectural Onlays such as this is calculated with two components: first the cost of the onlay and installation, and then the gold leaf is priced either by the square inch at a rate of $.25-$2.60 or by the foot at $19-$50. Measurements by foot are to be any surface within a single foot area. Minimum quantities are necessary on gilding projects, otherwise hourly rates of the craftsmen at André apply and average $245 per hour with the addition of materials costs. Per Diem rates are applied.