Black Smooth Plaster

Smooth Plasters can be applied is various ways. Most any combination that you can think of is possible; Smooth plaster applied rough, Smooth plaster applied random over a rough base, Smooth plaster applied in large and small movements and of course Smooth plaster applied smooth.

Sheen can vary from matte to gloss but more importantly to the Master Decorative Plasterers at André the big question is all about the Luster. In design Luster could quite possibly be the most important aspect of the final surface. This is especially true with Smooth Plasters. You may wish to have a resinous mid century modern feel or a more sophisticated brilliant quarts like shine to the surface. All of this can be accomplished for you at André.

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Smooth plaster pricing can vary but on average, with surface preparation done by us, the range starts at $16 per foot and can go up to $65 per ft. It is best to schedule an appointment to discuss this with an André representative and engage in the design process for your project directly in order to get accurate pricing.