Contemporary Architectural Trompe L’oeil

Various color values and geometric illusions enthrall visitors. This painting style is an open door for designers to manipulate space in interior and exterior architecture. Pricing for this treatment is at a premium if a custom design is needed. Costs can range in the $100-$200 per ft. because very few craftspeople can design and accomplish such work. If predesigned concepts are used however, this treatment has a swift application time and costs range from $35-$55 per ft. Colors can vary to match specified design themes.


This Contemporary Architectural Trompe L’oeil creates the illusion of three dimensional wall surfaces when in fact it’s completely flat. This collection uses different values of a single color of paint in such a way that appears to be shadows and highlights. A designer can create shocking illusions, enlarge a space or even connect two different spaces with a single style element.